B2B eshop construction

Not a minute lost in the digital age

Your strongest ally in the digital market, B2B Eshop is the powerful sales tool that strengthens your business relationships and expands your customer base.

We build your B2B Eshop using the innovative Wefia platform. Designed for the modern professional, Wefia offers:

  • Direct link to the computerised system: Full asynchronous interconnection for seamless operation and immediate data update from almost all Greek computerized systems such as SoftOne, Entersoft, Atlantis, Ilyda, Pegasus.

  • Online Pricing Policies: Connected professionals can view their assigned prices based on the ERP pricing policy.

  • Integrated Reports from ERP: Offering your salespeople and customers analysis and statistics on their transactions.

  • Immediate Information on Stocks: Real-time, so you never miss a sale due to out of stock.

  • Order creation from Excel: for the convenience of users, we provide the ability to create an order directly from Excel files, facilitating the process for large orders.
  • Ordinary purchases: Facilitates B2B users by offering them an instantly updated list to see what they usually buy not only from the eshop itself, but from the company in general (by phone, through salespeople, etc.). So they can easily repeat routine purchases or go back and easily find codes they bought in the past.
  • Multilingual Support & Accessibility: The B2B eshop we built is designed to support multiple languages. This enables the entrepreneur to expand his trade to international markets and to adapt the eshop according to the language needs of the users.

Connection between eshop & ERP

We bring your commercial management online and take the automation of your company’s processes to the next level. We achieve direct synchronization from the ERP to the eshop of the basic circuits related to the e-shop such as items, categories, pricing, balances – availability, etc.

The Procedure



During our first meeting we discuss your expectations and requirements and propose the best possible solution according to your business objectives. We provide the optimal result for every budget.



Each new project we undertake is a separate study, which includes a detailed research of your business and its strengths, the analysis of your competitors’ digital presence, as well as the study of the specifics of your industry. Based on the data we collect, we determine the strategy to be followed when designing your eshop.



Then the graphic design of your eshop is done. You choose the colours to be used according to your corporate identity, the positions of the various elements, as well as the content (subpages, menus, etc.). This is followed by the programming of your eshop and its development on the csm platform that we have agreed upon.


Your success is our success, which is why we do not abandon our customers after the project is completed. We remain at your disposal after the launch of your eshop and provide support for anything that may arise. Having solid, trusting relationships with our customers is of paramount importance to us, which is why we emphasize after-sales support.


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