UI/UX Design

The user experience design influences and is directly dependent on the overall user experience when browsing a website, eshop or app. The U/X designer’s role is to understand the users, their needs and desires and therefore to facilitate them and create a great browsing experience.

To achieve this, they should be able to easily and quickly find the information they seek and perform the desired actions without problems. The browsing experience is directly dependent on a logical and organised structure, the functionality and usability of the site or app.

The U/X designer therefore undertakes to map the users’ ‘‘digital journey’’, to design and decide how the visitor interface should work, in order to maintain users and attract new audiences.

The U/I design is applied to interfaces and concerns “how something will look”. These are the visual elements of a website, the choice of colours, typography, layout, the shapes, symbols, etc. with which the user interacts, while the U/X design concerns “how this environment will work”.

U/X and U/I design are equally necessary and directly dependent as they render a digital product complete in terms of both functions and style.

Therefore, when a website is user-friendly but with poor design and style, visitors won’t stay long; the same goes for the opposite case, when functionality problems discourage users attempting to browse the website, who find it difficult and abandon it.

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