Email Marketing

An effective email marketing campaign helps you connect with your audience & increase their interaction with your brand, by sending emails informing them about the latest news, offers, products or services they have expressed an interest in.

It is an effective means of communicating and promoting your business that can yield great ROI and help you get to better know your potential or existing customers, what they like and what their interests are.

Do you want to inform your customers about offers or promotions and don’t know where to start?

Trust idees digital agency for a properly tailored Email Marketing strategy.

The advantages of email marketing for you

✓ We undertake to send business emails that will turn recipients into customers and increase your sales

✓ We find the right subject and a strong communication message that will attract the recipients’ interest and attention

✓ We compile detailed reports such as how many people or who opened the emails, clicked or followed a specific link, since it is especially important to have a full picture of your advertising campaign and know what it is that works best for you

✓ We work on relationships with old and build new ones with potential customers, increasing brand awareness and ensuring you the greatest return on investment

✓ Make the most of a well-designed marketing strategy based on your business’ goals and character and increase your profitability

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